"Dubai, UAE" is one of the most attractive jurisdictions in the world for investors to establish business operations as it offers privileges and benefits unrivalled by any other country. With the awarding of the Expo2020 Dubai is the new upcoming central business hub in this part of the world. So do you want to setup a business in the UAE?

Way2Startups helps you to setup your business in the UAE. Offshore Company is the right choice for every entrepreneur who wishes to protect their physical assets and funds raised out of international invoicing/trading. Offshore company also helps Brokers/Consultants and Marketers to invoice their international clients for their brokerage/consulting/ professional services, through a corporate structure based in any out of 87 offshore jurisdictions across the Globe. The infrastructure and services match the highest international standards, facilitating efficiency, quality and service for business setup in the UAE.



Free Enterprise System

Highly Developed Transportation Infrastructure

State-of-the-art Telecommunications

Top International Exhibitions and Conference Venues

High Quality Offices and Residential Accommodation

Inexpensive Workforce and Easy Recruitment Procedures

Reliable Power & Utilities

Types of Licences

Professional Company:

Professional company is a firm whose performance stems from the intellectual efforts capacity of the partners.


Passport Copy

Utility Bills from Any where the world

Bank Reference from Any where the world

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